Classical Christmas

Another of our ever-popular e Christmas cards for business, this design, ‘Classical Christmas’, has just the right combination of traditional and contemporary, where classic decorations meet modern design ideas. Sitting on the left-hand side of the image is the branch of a Christmas tree, upon which hang a handful of Christmas decorations. These decorations are charming, traditional pieces, with a silver star sitting just behind a bunch of pinecones. A green star also sits in the tree, which overall has a balanced yet friendly look to it. However, the contemporary nature of the design comes in its background: a plain black wash with no other highlights or colours sits behind the tree and its decorations, pushing them forward. In addition, your message can be written on the right of the design, wishing your clients Christmas greetings. You are also able to include up to three further pages containing a range of information of your choice, such as corporate messages, company logos, contact details and even signatures from your team. Our ‘Classical Christmas’ ecard is a favourite at ECO2, but, as with every design, if it doesn’t if the bill we encourage you to browse through our huge range of Christmas ecards for business.


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