Columbus Courage

We chose the black and white colour scheme for these corporate ecards because we felt that the scenery itself was enough and didn't need bright colours to make the picture too busy. We're particularly fond of the way the sea kisses the shore with the dark landscape of cliffs in the background. The picture is interesting and something like this is bound to stir up many different happy memories for people. When we were deciding on a quote for this picture we wanted something that matched the sentiment of the picture and this one just seemed perfect. Sometimes we have to be reminded that we can go for great things and change our lives, but we need to take a leap of faith and step outside of our comfort zone and that is exactly what this quote is about. We chose white text and a bold font to stand out against the darker background to give the ecards maximum impact. There are so many different scenarios that an ecard like this could be perfect for a business to send to staff, colleagues or clients, so why not send it to a loved one today? If this ecards isn't perfect then don't worry - we have plenty of other choices available too! We also look forward to hearing from you at Christmas time when your company is ready to communicate your seasonal wishes as we specialize in Christmas ecards for business.

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