Comfort Zone

Ah, that oft used phrase 'comfort zone'. How many times do we hear that in every walk of life? We all have a comfort zone; that special place inside ourselves where we feel safe, confident and no we are performing to the best of our abilities. Stepping outside of that comes easier to some, and those who choose not to can find themselves left behind, particularly in their business working environment. In the office somebody's comfort zone may be their desk or cubicle, where they sit diligently every day, working hard for their company and knowing they are doing a great job. That person may make an excellent leader but it would mean leaving behind that little space where they feel so comfortable. Maybe it’s time to send that person an ecard telling them you believe they have great potential. This Comfort Zone business ecards says it all in a very succinct way.  The black and white image shows planks of work arranged in a shape to represent the barriers of a comfort zone. The message reads “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone”. Enough said. Within your comfort zone you never stretch yourself or expand your horizons, step outside of it and the world is your oyster. If you like to use ecards for your business to save on paper then why not consider us when the Christmas time comes as we are the worlds greenest electronic Christmas cards for business.

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