Computer Humour Green

These business ecards are plain and simple but it can be turned into so much more. The background of the ecards are green and the picture shows a man sat at his computer desk. There is no caption on the ecards and that’s where the fun begins. You can add anything that springs to mind and give a colleague a real laugh to take your mind of the business stresses you may be under. Perhaps the working day has become a bit tiresome and you want to do something that will give both of you an added bit of energy. It could be your co-workers birthday and you have something personal to say or you want to create a card with a joke that only they will understand. Whatever your mind can think of, this ecard can create!

The great thing about these ecards is, along with creating your own joke, you can also personalise the message and put your own style on how it is displayed. These ecards are only plain if you let them be so allow your imagination to run wild and see what you come up with! Please also remember that we are the worlds leading supplier of business Christmas ecards so don’t let Christmas pass you by without checking in on us.

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