Computer Humour Red

Have you got something to say to a colleague that store bought cards just won’t say? Why not try creating your own by choosing this appropriate theme? The Computer Humour Red ecard has a red background and shows a man sitting at his computer desk. The caption has been left intentionally blank so you can come up with your own. It’s a great way of giving a co-worker a laugh and strengthening the working relationship you have with them. Perhaps you’ve shared a joke that you’ve kept to yourselves and you want to send a reminder that will make them smile. These kind of corporate ecards are perfect for that.


With ecards, you can add your own message so tailoring it to your audience has never been easier. The ecard will reach its recipient as soon as it’s sent and you can add your own preferences, like your signature, a link to a social network site and much more. There are lots more designs to choose from so take a look through the different sections and plan for special occasions. Did you know that our corporate holiday ecards are the greenest around as we plant 10 trees with each purchased, so please do get in touch this holiday Christmas period.

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