Contemporary Christmas

People living and working in today’s digital world expect to get their Christmas messages on line. 

More people are sending and receiving electronic Christmas cards rather than sending traditional paper cards through the post. 

Our “Contemporary” ecard, one of our electronic Christmas cards for business, is the ideal ecard to send to your social and business friends this Christmas.

With a front page, showing silver glass balls suspended against a dark background and space for an electronic Christmas message to be added, this e-card is the kind electronic Christmas greeting people will be looking for in their e-mail inbox.

Apart from this attractive modern front cover, we offer you the option of three extra pages.

These pages can be used for you to add a longer Christmas message for your business friends along with your company logo and other links and contact numbers.

On one of these pages, you are given the opportunity to promote your green eco credentials, as when you buy our business holiday ecards we arrange for ten new trees to be planted. You have the option to ask for more trees to be planted if you wish.

More and more people are turning to holiday ecards for business to send their seasonal greetings. They have discovered that using electronic cards saves time and money, and is an easier and more convenient way of sending cards.

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