The cornucopia is a symbol of the meaning of Thanksgiving, this beautifully simply design showcases the cornucopia in all its natural beauty and would be the perfect design to choose for corporate or business holiday ecards. The cornucopia is lovingly positioned towards the back of the ecard so the end curls up into the top corner of the image making the cornucopia look a lot larger. An abundance of autumn flowers and leaves surround the opening of the cornucopia and meld beautifully with its wicker body. The wicker is also of a noticeable high quality and you can see that this cornucopia is very well made. The brown and orange coloured leaves are further brought to life with the faint yellow and orange tones or the vegetables spilling out of the cornucopia and together these colours create a lovely autumn feeling. Pumpkins, carrots and corn all feature and their lovely autumn colours help create a warm glowing image that contrasts beautifully with the plain white background of the ecard. The whole image is a beautifully representation of autumn colours and would make wonderful corporate ecards for your company. Just add your branding to a draft ecard and see for yourself.  

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