Create Yourself

We all have the ability to change the life we live, and even the kind of person we are. Yes, basic personality traits will always exist, but we can change how we deal with situations and people, how we spend our time on this planet and who we have around us. The message on this gorgeous Create Yourself corporate ecards says “Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”. This quote from leadership and personal development coach Lolly Daskal is one of the truest things ever spoken. We cannot find ourselves any more than we can lose ourselves, but we can create a new us. If you know anyone who is currently going through a big change in their life and seems lost, this ecard could just be what they need. The serenity of the scene emanates inner peace and tranquillity, which nobody can possess until they find true happiness. And to experience true happiness at work and in business you must be first happy with yourself. This is nothing to do with ego or self esteem, this about being unhappy with yourself the way you are and creating a whole new you who looks at the world in a completely different way. Did you know that we also sell business Christmas ecards so when Christmas time comes along please be sure to stop by and see how we can deliver your ecards project.

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