Monochromatic design, when used correctly, can give an astonishing effect. The design pictured here is ‘Drift’, a bold take on a winter’s day in the outdoors. ‘Drift’ is one of our more contemporary designs, taking inspiration from the black and white photography used by artists and photographers in years gone by. One of our most popular e Christmas cards for business, this design paints of simple picture of just how bleak the weather can be when it rolls around to winter time. The main focus of the scene is the road stretching from the centre off into the distance. This track has been travelled on numerous times, and the route is lined with large mounds of snow that have been cleared previously ahead of Christmas day. Perhaps the most interesting portion of this photo, though, is the snow drifting across the distance. The drifting snow can be seen to almost swallow up the road, positioning itself between a hill of trees and the lower road. Choose this ecard and send your clients a design that gives a contemporary, monochromatic feel to a winter environment. Eco2 Greetings great range of Christmas ecards for business contains hundreds more great designs just like this one.

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