Einstein Opportunity

Everybody knows a procrastinator; somebody who drags their heels and would rather hide their head in the sand than grab the opportunity that has been handed to them on a plate. Imagine if everyone was like that. Nothing would ever have been invented and we would still be living in caves and working our why we weren't getting anywhere fast on our square wheels. Joking aside, there comes a time in everyone's life when they have to cast their doubts and fears and just go for it. If you know somebody currently in this situation then sending them an ecard will both tell them that you support them all the way and that you believe in them. These business ecards are inspired by one the world's greatest thinkers Albert Einstein. The text is one of his most famous quotes “in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity”, says it all really doesn't it? The dramatic backdrop of the surging ocean and the fact it is in black and white makes a very bold statement. Those who worry about taking that leap of faith lack self confidence in business and worry about what others think of them. Sending somebody these ecards to show your support can have a massive difference. And don’t forget this coming holiday season that we are the worlds leading provider of business holiday ecards.

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