Explain it Simple

There are those who explain things clearly and succinctly, then there are those who have so much to say they fall over their words and nobody has a clue what they actually meant. This can lead to a serious breakdown of communication in business, which can never be a good thing. What a lot of people don't realise is those who seem to have too much to say are not bursting with confidence, they are often racked with self-doubt and this is how their nerves present themselves. If you work alongside somebody who is having this problem sending them this lovely ecard tells them you understand. The peaceful, lakeside scene on this ecard is symbolic of taking time out and taking a deep breathe, in other words calm down. The inscription on the card reads “If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough”. Wise words from Albert Einstein on of our greatest ever thinkers. It is easy to try and cover the fact you are full of doubt by using too many words in order to sound clever. These clever little business ecards send out a very important business message in the gentlest of ways; take your time and explain things clearly. When the Christmas period arrives in December please get in touch and allow us to prove we are the worlds leading electronic christmas cards for business.

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