Fibre Optic Star

This is another quirky Christmas corporate ecards design from the eCO2 Greetings portfolio the sole image of this ecard is a faintly glowing fibre optic star. The star only as a slight glimmer to it which creates a beautiful soft light effect against the black background and in a nice and unique twist the photographer keeps the fibre optics visible instead of trying to hide them. The star is an unusual choice for an image but is instantly recognisable and its association with Christmas is well known the choice of a Fibre Optic Star also makes this is a more modern design which makes it the perfect choice for any modern corporation or business looking for a corporate Christmas ecards. The black background again is the perfect contrast to the glowing Fibre Optic Star which creates a simplistic but extremely effective contrast that makes this design very eye catching. This design can also again be further enhanced by adding a small sparkle animation which adds small twinkling lights to the star. These subtle gleams of light serve to highlight the fibre optic star and act in conjunction with the star to create a more striking image without being to overpowering. 

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