Floral Thought

Brought to you by the worlds greenest holiday ecards for business this general business e cards product offers a great tool for the workplace.  This striking image of a simple and delicate rose on a dramatic black background has a very soft incandescent subtleness to it but with a very corporate edge.  The stunning design could be used for any kind of communication to your clients, business colleagues or loved ones.  The lovely bloom of the single flower is spectacular, giving the impression that the rose has been clipped from a very large and exquisite bouquet and laid down onto this rich dark back ground.  Why not use this very design to announce to staff that there has been a development.  Alternatively it would make a beautiful thank you or good bye note to somebody you wish well.  At eC02 Greetings our designs are so easy to put together, in creating the ultimate electronic communication experience.  You can create one of our exceptional electronic Christmas cards for business in a matter of minutes, demonstrating a remarkable way to get that all important message across.  We have a large selection of music tracks to accompany your ecard that will suit anyones needs.  You always have the option to edit your ecard however you like.  You can add a company logo and your own message to each of the 4 screens that your ecard reader will see.  It truly is an experience to behold. Get in touch this upcoming holiday period to discuss your Christmas marketing needs with our happy team.

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