Flower Dew

Flower Dew is a simple striking business ecards design that could serve many purposes but we at eCO2 greetings believe it could make wonderful and eye catching business holiday ecards. The flower is quite clearly the first thing you'll notice in this wonderfully simple yet eye catching ecard design. The yellow colour of the flower is a subtle pastel shade that offers a lovely gentle contrast to the deep black background of the ecard without being to overpowering. The lovely shade of yellow also serves to help bring the still light green flower buds into the foreground of the ecard and ensures they don't get lost in the expansive pitch black backdrop of the ecard. The design can be boosted even more by adding a gleaming star animation that adds some small sparkly stars across the plant buds giving the appearance of little dew drops on the flower buds. Another really nice part of this design is that the muted pastel yellow mixes so well with the black and while yellow and black traditionally are associated with danger in this ecard design they mix together to create a lovely professional design that would make an amazing ecard for the easter holiday celebration for your business.

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