Four Leaf Clover

Synonymous with Ireland, luck and Guinness, there are few more highly used emblems of good fortune than a four leaf clover. We have all searched for them during our lives, eyes scanning the mass of clover before us hoping to the spot that elusive one that bears one more leaf than all the others. It is commonly used in jewellery and you may wear a necklace bearing one, or earrings. The definition of luck is a tricky one in that some people just seem to be born lucky, while others have to work to make their own. Those who fall into the former category will not grasp the relevance if you sent them these lovely corporate ecards, but those in the latter group will. The single four leaf clover displayed on these ecards stands alone, a symbol of how luck can be anywhere, if you know where to look for it. There is no other place quite like your place of business as an example of how you can make your own luck. Was that person really lucky who got the promotion at work? No, they made their own luck by working their butt off to ensure they were the right person for the job. Send this ecard with a personalised message to that colleague, it could make a huge difference to their train of thought. Get in touch with us this Christmas time and we would be delighted to help your business with their electronic holiday cards for business.

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