This striking image makes would make a wonderful business Thanksgiving ecard or even standard corporate ecards because after all don't we strive to be good friends with our work colleagues? We at eCO2 Greetings think so and this beautiful designed simply titled friendship is a brilliant way to show thanks to anyone. The image utilises its sparse use of colour to create a simple yet powerfully eye catching design. The light green colouring of the leaves contrasts wonderfully with the grey hands and black background to form a truly striking image. At first people might struggle to see the connection but with a little thought they'll come to understand that the little leaves of the plant represent a blossoming friendship. The hands are also offering the little blossom to the receiver of the card showing that you trust and care for them. This emotive and modern design is perfect for holidays likes Thanksgiving and would no doubt be greatly appreciated by both friends and family. Furthermore the professional quality of the photograph would also make this design a great choice for a corporate or business use. Why not try adding your own message to it and seeing for yourself how effective our business holiday ecards could be for you. 

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