Frosted Pine Tree

Every so often you come across an image of the simplest thing and it instantly has a huge impact. That perfectly describes this close up of a section of pine tree covered in frost. As soon as you see this you instantly mentally zoom out and take in the full scene. You just know that this is a tall and majestic pine out in the country surrounded by a blanket of pristine snow. In the background you can make out other trees you this is a scenic wintry view of a pine forest, possibly on a mountainside. The beauty of an image such as this lends itself perfectly to very classy holiday ecards for business. Although this is traditionally a US holiday there are so many American businesses in the UK now we are starting to buy into it. Any US businessman who cannot get home for thanksgiving will greatly appreciate receiving this ecard and as frosted pine forests are very much associated with the US and Christmas it will make the impression you wanted; that you have put some thought into these business Christmas ecards. Click on preview to see how it will appear once it goes live. The music is optional but adding your logo will help them remember who made this meaningful gesture. 

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