Frosty Dreams

Simplicity and elegance are often difficult to balance. Here at eCO2 Greetings, we have devoted a lot of time to making sure we can strike this balance to provide our customers with the perfect holiday ecards for business. With this particular design, we feel as though we have got it just right. ‘Frosty Dreams’ is a holiday ecard made special by its bold use of colour. Sat in the centre of this ecards design is a large, red bauble. The bauble is nestled amongst a snowy Christmas Tree, hanging elegantly from a branch. The detailed nature of the bauble is rather interesting, too: jagged frosted details cover the surface of the decoration to give a stylish design, with added sparkle effects further enhancing the scene. Include a personal message to impress your recipient that much more, as well as a second, third and fourth page with a host of messages, contact details and corporate branding. You can also share with your client how many trees you pledge to plant on the third page as a result of purchasing this ecard with eCO2 Greetings. Sending the right electronic christmas cards for business this holiday season has never been easier with our chic designs, such as the ‘Frosty Dreams’ ecard seen here.


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