Frozen Bridge

There is something very special about a black and white image, and depending on its subject it can become a work of art. Take this frozen bridge ecard for example. A perfect snapshot of holiday winter that simply would not look the same if it were in colour. The stark trees now bereft of their foliage stand like sentinels against the pale wintry sky. The frozen stream has that shimmer you only get in the winter and the untouched snow lies along the banks and on the bridge itself. The lone light sheds light on the scene, and you just know that if you were that quiet stillness would surround you. This is a striking and very beautiful image that lends itself perfectly to business holiday ecards. This ecard is sophisticated and sums up winter perfectly without going OTT. Check out the preview to see how it looks all dressed up. With optional music and text and logo, these electronic christmas cards for business are a fully customisable holiday ecard that every corporate associate will be happy to receive. If you are still unsure think about this; how would you feel if you opened an email on a hectic December morning to reveal this? Exactly.

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