Gentle Bubble

“If possible avoid being a bubble. For a bubble, even the gentlest touch is fatal”. Profound words indeed that can mean different things to different people. Those who surround themselves with yes people could be extremely fragile and in times of need have nobody to turn too. There are also those who lock themselves away inside themselves and thus live a half a life where they are frightened of everyone and everything. Whichever way you interpret this sentiment, chances are you will know somebody it relates to. This simple ecard is the perfect way to reach out to somebody and let them know you are there. The image of the bubble resting on the grass screams fragility; this bubble could burst at any moment and there will be no trace left that it ever existed. This should not apply to people, but sadly it often does. Let somebody know today that you care, that you have their back, that they aren't the insignificant bubble they think they are. You can personalise these corporate ecards further if you have something you would like to add, and getting a message across via an ecard is a lot easier than trying to speak to somebody who emanates that they are unapproachable. And don’t forget this coming Christmas period that we are the worlds leading provider of corporate Christmas ecards.

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