Global Seasons Greetings

Global Season's Greetings is a lovely traditional design that is suitable for everyone. At eCO2 Greetings we know that not everyone celebrates the Christmas holiday season or that not everyone celebrates it for the same reasons. However since Christmas is about giving thanks we have designed these business holiday ecards to be the perfect way to show thanks to friends and family no matter what their views on Christmas might be. The beautifully traditional design features a singular shining Christmas tree decorated with glimmering lights and small golden ribbons. The main focal points of the tree are easily a larger shining star at the top of the tree and some large golden bows and ribbon which flow at the bottom of the Christmas tree. However the real heart of the design comes in the message next to the tree, the message is simple but carries a true festive meaning. Season's greetings is written in lovely golden and white italic text in many different languages which shows that no matter our differences we can still show thanks to the people important to us. This design can be accompanied by both a falling snow animation and some shining stars which make the design even more stunning. As the worlds leading electronic holiday cards for business we are keen to hear from you if you feel that this design can be improved.

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