Globe Bauble

One of more quirky designs, the ‘Globe Bauble’ electronic holiday cards for business encompasses a number of interesting features. Christmas is a truly global event loved by millions around the world, from the United States to the Philippines, and this design manages to capture that in an interesting way. The ‘Globe Bauble’ Christmas ecard offers a more abstract take on the holiday cheer brought around every December. As the famous Christmas song goes, “Joy to the world”, and that’s exactly how people in every corner of the planet feel when Christmas is near. The globe in this ecard image emanates blue, black and white swirls, covering the design gracefully from the globe, sat on the right-hand side. These swirls move freely, interacting with each other and giving off small flashes of light when they do. To add to this, snow falls over the design, brining in a more traditional touch of what Christmas means to so many of us, as well as glistening points across the design. A personal message can also be written. Second, third and fourth pages are an optional extra. Send this quirky one of our range of business holiday ecards  to your clients and grab their attention this holiday season. 


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