Gold Stars

Gold Stars is a fine example of simplicity at its best and is a lovely festive example of the wide variety of e Christmas cards for business we have to offer at eCO2 Greetings. Three different objects combine to create a unique and cheerful design that would make a beautiful Christmas ecard. The photographer uses some finely cut light gold ribbon, a simple small glittery gold star and some fir tree leaves to create a simple but extremely effective Christmas ecard design. The fine gold ribbons flow lovingly over the image and the light gold colour contrasts beautifully over the white background and the dark green leaves of the fir tree. The little gold star is a cute little extra that really fills out the empty space of image and gives the Christmas ecards a childlike cuteness. The photographer strives to create a unique design that combines different elements that form a charming design. This design can also be accompanied by both a falling snow animation and slight gleaming star animation that sparkles around the little gold star. Both these animations combine effortlessly to make a truly eye catching Christmas design. With lots more designs to choose from you really have found the best Christmas ecards for business to support your project.

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