Golden Candles & Baubles

Combining numerous images that resonate so strongly with Christmas can often be a bit of a risk, but we believe that the design of this ecard has nailed it. Delight your clients this December with our ‘Golden Candles and Baubles’ e Christmas cards for business. A bunch of three baubles sits calmly at the front of this image. The decorations, although equal in size, have different colours and designs on them, with a gold bauble sat just infront of two red ones. The baubles are arranged in a way that they sit in different directions, almost as if somebody decorating a tree has placed them down for a moment. A single piece of gold ribbon gracefully passes over the baubles, winding its way through them and curling pleasingly next to them. Behind this collection of decorations sits a collection of a classic Christmas items, as three candles burn brightly in the background. All of these items sit upon a golden background, enhanced by the glow of the candles at the back. A personalised message sits in the top right corner of the ecard. Send Christmas ecards for business with timeless appeal this December with ECO2’s ‘Golden Candles and Baubles’. 


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