Golden Decs

There isnothing that says Christmas more than golden stars on a tree. Capture the spirit of the festive season with eCO2 Greetings Golden Decs Christmas ecards for business. With a fully customisable message able to be displayed on the ecard, let your recipient know just how much you appreciate them during the holiday period with a personal message. The design of Golden Decs pulls together everything there is to say about a traditional Christmas greeting. A single prominent star sits just off centre, illuminated with a golden reflection. In this position, the star offers a good to be balance to the personal message written on the left of the e Christmas cards for business. To the right of the star lie needles poking out from a Christmas tree, perhaps, along with the star, one of the most potent symbols of a traditional Christmas. Behind each of these items, a string of golden festive shapes hangs, each much smaller in size than the larger gold star in front. This ecard gives a strong, visual reminder of what Christmas means to so many of us, reminding us of memories of opening presents around the fire and laughter-filled family dinners. A colourful, balanced ecard, ideal for corporate e greeting this festive period. 


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