Good Direction

Good Luck ecards come in all shapes and forms and for all manner of occasions. You can send an ecard if somebody is moving house, or sitting exams or leaving work to have a baby. There are so many great styles available that the hardest choice you will have to make is which one to send. These simple but striking business ecards have the title of Good Direction, and as you can see it displays the words Good Luck on a road sign. This can mean many things to many people, making it the ideal ecards to send to somebody moving away or, as far as the business colleagues are concerned, being transferred to a different office or leaving the workplace altogether to work in a different area. Your standard cardboard cards that are sent for this type of occasion can easily be damaged or lost in the move, but as long as you have your email address and your computer you will have these ecards. The recipient can look at it at any time as they embark on their new journey, and your personal message will make it even more special. If somebody you know is going to work elsewhere, these ecards are the perfect way to let them know what a miss they will be. If your business like many others likes to send ecards at Christmas time then please check out our market leading Christmas ecards for business.

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