Good Luck Scrabble

Over the course of our lives we will all at some time have received good luck ecards. These carry a nice sentiment but are very 'samey' and over time the cardboard gets torn, the imagery fades, and at some time they inevitably are thrown in the recycling bin when you can no longer tell what it was or who it was from. You don't have that problem with corporate ecards, and while some moan about the fact that they aren't as personal, the millions that are sent electronically via email every year says differently. If you are looking for a good luck ecard for a work colleague which is that little bit different then these Good Luck Scrabble ecards could be just what you are looking for. The white background with the brown Scrabble tiles spelling out the words Good Luck is quite unique, it even displays the letter scores in the bottom right hand corners just like the best selling word game. This is an ideal ecard for a work colleague as it neither too familiar nor an over the top formal corporate relationship. You can add your own personal message to the ecards so when the recipient looks at further down the line, they will instantly remember you. If your business is looking to reduce its carbon footprint this holiday season then sending one of our holiday ecards for business is well worth a look.

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