This beautiful ecard design shows a gorgeous lake surrounded by low hung trees on a late summer’s afternoon.  The late sun shines through the trees, cascading light onto the water and the wide, long winding Lake shines prettily as the day starts to come to an end.  The reflection of the trees hanging over the lake truly gives a wow factor to this design and you almost want to sigh out loud at the sheer beauty of the World we live in!  This charming business ecards design ignites a whimsical feeling of open air and light, making you feel free.  You can almost touch the water and step into the picture, imagining yourself sat beside these stunning lake enjoying a picnic!   You could imagine taking a stone and skimming the water as the stone moves the magnificent reflection of the beauty surrounding it.  Any person receiving these electronic ecards wlll no doubt relish this!  At eC02 greetings we always aim to make that lasting impression with our every day corporate ecard range.  In addition to this our stunning array of electronic Christmas cards for business, Thanksgiving and New year ecards leave that all important lasting impression.  This card reflects the goodness we have in the world, there are endless messages you could add to an incredible image like this to send to your business client or colleague.

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