Grotto Dreams

Using just a select few colours, eCO2 Greetings‘Grotto Dreams’ ecard is an interesting design. It’s easy to see why this particular ecard is one of the most popular from our range of holiday ecards for business. Sat to the left of this image is a red bauble. This decoration is a traditional design, featuring thin, white snowflakes on its surface. The bauble sits on a bed of the softest snow you’re likely to ever see, crumbling beneath it into powder. Snow also sits on top of the decoration, too. The background has been blurred somewhat, which leads to a striking effect; using just black, red and white, this background completes a memorable image. Adding your message in red to sit in the bed of snow at the bottom of the design is a perfect way to finish this design, as snow falls to give an even greater feeling of festivity.  Sending the perfect holiday ecard for your business has never been easier with our broad range of styles to suit every Christmas taste. ‘Grotto Dreams’ is just one of our huge portfolio of electronic christmas cards for business. We also offer a design-your-own ecard service, perfect for those who are looking for an even more personal touch with their ecard this December. 


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