Hillside View

Looking out over the hills will always provide a breathtaking view. The view will only be enhanced with a covering of fallen snow, pictured here in our ‘Hillside View’ ecard. At eCO2 Greetings we pride ourselves on creating the perfect business Christmas ecards, and this one is no exception.  Delight your clients with ‘Hillside View’. In this design, a radiant sun can be seen shining through the clouds, its rays beaming across a long valley. This majestic sunlight comes as the sun is setting over the most incredible winter scene: frosted bushes fill the foreground at the top of the hill, a mountain can be seen in the background and a stream runs through the valley below. The colours used in this scene are that of a very blue palette, as winter frost and ice hits the vegetation and land. The ecard’s design allows for a message in the centre of the image, providing a personal touch to your clients. Additionally, white animated snow effects are overlaid to complete what is one of our favourite ecard designs. Send an ecard of true winter beauty this holiday season with our ‘Hillside View’. If ‘Hillside View’ is not the design you’re looking for, browse our portfolio of corporate holiday ecards for even more great designs. We are the Christmas ecards for business of choice accross the globe.


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