Holiday Boot

There are certain things that are instantly associated with Christmas. A tree, candles, crackers, gaily wrapped parcels and baubles are the big ones but take a look at this boot. It's shape and style belongs to the most famous man in the world every December 25th. What many people don't realise is the quality of the image needed to produce a top end ecard as without that the card is nothing. A tiny ornamental boot is hanging for a Christmas tree, with minute detailing applied to the tiny gifts protruding from the top. The blurred background is clearly the tree lights, and a lens has been used to highlight the clarity of the boot whilst making the background fade at the same time. This is a lovely ecard, and delivers just the right amount of Christmas spirit to the recipient. One of the hardest parts for a business is tracking down the perfect corporate Christmas ecards. It is finding that balance between making a holiday gesture and being too familiar. This little beauty fits the bill perfectly as it gets the message across in quite enchanting way. Whether you want to add text and music to your holiday ecards for business is up to you, it all really depends on how close you are to your business associates. 

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