Holiday Canopy

The word canopy has many meanings and all of them mean an overhead covering. The picture on our ecard “Canopy” is an image of a canopy in a park setting. 

We have selected that image simply because it projects a colourful picture of a winter scene.

Bright street lights and moody decorative lights make it an image we feel people would like to receive at this time of year. 

As one of our holiday ecards for business, our “Canopy” ecard carries no specific message, just a warm and comfortable image.  

There is space on the front page for you write your own message and send the card to all of your friends.

However, you have three optional pages to add your commercial messages to your friends in the business world.  

Sending our business ecards saves individuals and companies valuable time and money.

They eliminate the need of buying paper cards envelopes and expensive postage stamps.

They also relieve staff of the arduous task of addressing and inserting cards into envelopes.

As an extra benefit, we give people who buy our holiday ecards for business the opportunity to promote themselves as upholders of ecology.

For every ecard they buy, we plant ten trees, and you can let your friends and colleagues know of this on one the three optional pages provided.

Clients who trust us:

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