Holiday Mantle

A mantle is a cone shaped device that will increase the illuminating power of a gas or oil flame.

It is also a cloak or wrap that will envelope its wearer in a feeling of warmth and security.

The picture on the front page of our “Holiday Mantle” ecard can conjure up both of those images.

A picture of a candle in the foreground lighting up a pinecone and a Christmas bauble projects the image of a shining light along with the feeling of warmth and safety. 

This is an excellent ecard to send to all of your friends whether they are in your business community or your social circle. 

It has space on the front to write a message, and three optional pages for you to add an extended message and your companies contact numbers, links, and logo.

The “Holiday Mantle” is one of our range of business ecards and when you use one of them you are saving yourself and your company both money and time.

You will also be helping boost your eco credentials.

Each time we sell one of our holiday ecards for business, we plant ten trees, and we offer you the chance to add more trees if you want to, a great way to help our planet and your business.

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