Holiday Peace

The image of a flickering candle can convey thoughts of peace. However, the word peace can mean many different things.

Peace can mean the lack of conflict, peace of mind or just tranquillity and calm. 

Our “Peace” ecard has the image of a flickering candle cradled in someone’s hand on its front page. When you send it to people; they can choose whatever meaning the word peace means to them. 

There is space on the front page for you to write a short message.

If you are sending the “Peace” ecard to your friends in the business world, there are three optional pages to write an extended message, your company logo, website links, and telephone numbers. 

By sending one of our business ecards, you are saving yourself and your company money and time.

There is no frantic last minute rush to address perhaps hundreds of envelopes to send paper cards to all of your contacts, and there no expensive cards, envelopes, and stamps to buy. 

Finally, there is another benefit to be gained when you buy one of our holiday ecards for business. For every ecard we sell, we plant ten new trees.

So you will be showing your green credentials to your all friends and colleagues when you send our “Peace “ecard.

Clients who trust us:

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