Holly Freeze

These beautiful gathered berries are a very festive red and look exquisite next to the rich green textured leaves.  This shot has clearly been captured during a beautiful winter day, giving you the wonderful holiday feeling of a crisp white winter morning.  You almost feel the soft frost of Christmas time when looking at these delectable berries.  The icicles are both delicate but edgy as they nearly step off the page with white frosted spikes.  When you view the holiday ecards for business, these icicles sparkled, giving a truly lovely effect.  Holly and Ivy are a classic symbol of Christmas and your recipients will therefore immediately respond to our contemporary ecards representation of it. Why don’t you accompany with the ‘Holly and the Ivy’ music to send a consistent message throughout your ecard? At eC02 Greetings, we always aim for our cards to be very chic and have a touch of class, and this card doesn’t disappoint!  Very simple, yet classic in its own special way.  Why not look at our fantastic range of email Christmas cards for business this year.  It’s a very effective, quick, no-nonsense way to send your corporate Christmas ecards, so what are you waiting for?!!  Register today, completely free of charge and design as many e cards as you like.

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