Ice Flake

One of the more powerful ways to deliver a message is through contemporary, bold design. This rings true even for business holiday ecards, where delivering a strong, powerful greeting can often be top of the agenda. If that sounds like the sort of corporate Christmas greeting you would like to send this holiday season, then look no further than eCO2 Greetings Christmas ecards for business. The most striking feature of these business Christmas ecards is, without question, the large ice flake on the right side of the ecard. Dominating the entire right half of the design, this flake offers a crisp, cool image to represent the festive period. Sitting by itself on a dark background with no other static imagery, the flake gives a minimalistic view of Christmas greetings. To balance the ecards, a personalised message may be written on the left, and animated snowflakes fall in the background. To add to this, a second and third page to the card offer even more opportunity to articulate your Christmas ecards, with customisable fonts and the option of including your corporate logo. An optional fourth page gives even more chance to provide your corporate message with web addresses, telephone numbers and more. 


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