Ice on Snow

The Ice on Snow ecard is a personal favourite here at eCO2 Greetings. It is a design that we are rather proud of, as it brings a touch of class to the classic holiday imagery of fallen snow. When looking for business holiday ecards with powerful yet clean, crisp imagery, Ice on Snow is the perfect holiday ecard for the job. The most striking part of this design is the two ice flakes laying one atop the other. These flakes, taking up almost half of the design, sit along the top and right portions of the ecard, revealing a smooth, crisp layer of snow beneath. Combining these two classic winter hallmarks in this way forms a contemporary, refreshing holiday ecard. To add to this, animated snowflakes fall, reinforcing the winter holiday imagery and producing a scene of festive tranquillity. In addition, a personalised cover message can be written at the bottom of the design, as well as on pages 2, 3 and the optional fourth page. The fourth page can also include further brand-strengthening elements, such as a logo, slogan and email address. Eco2 Greetings offer a whole range of contemporary electronic holiday cards for business – if this isn’t quite the one, we’re sure you’ll find another in our enormous range for your company. 


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