Innovators are Leaders

If you haven't yet sent corporate ecards you will be amazed at how simple it is. You suit a design appropriate to the occasion or event, add any personalisation’s you wish in the form of text, or music for Christmas ecards, type in the email address of the recipient, and that's it. When you consider how long you could spend looking for a traditional card you can't even compare it. There are also times however, especially in the workplace, when you need to send somebody a message that you simply can't find a card for. Say, for example, one of your team at work has done something outstanding, yet you know they would be embarrassed if you praised them in front of their colleagues. This is what ecards do best, and this Innovators Are Leaders ecard fits the above scenario perfectly. There are 5 light bulbs but only one is lit. Above the bulbs is a famous quote from Apple legend Steve Jobs “Innovations distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. Profound words from a man qualified to say them. Sending this corporate ecard to that colleague will not only let them know that their efforts have been recognised but through the personal message you add you can praise them in a way that they will really appreciate. Why don’t you drop by at Christmas time to see if our Christmas ecards for business can serve your seasonal needs.

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