Take a totally plain backdrop, add in a delicate silver lantern and several other silver embellishments and what have you got? Perfect corporate holiday ecards for business associates, that's what. Delightful in its simplicity, the glow of the lantern catches the tiny silver baubles in front of it as well as the snow tipped acorns. These is a very classy ecard that perfectly sums up the spirit of the Christmas holiday season without it being cluttered or garish. Silver is taking over from gold as the second most popular Christmas colour behind red, and when you see it used to such good effect as this it is easy to see why. You know by the fact the illumination comes courtesy of a tea light that is a very small lantern, but it so exquisite it wouldn't look any better if it was 6ft tall! If this is the kind of e Christmas cards for business you would want to receive from a business associate at Christmas then you know you have nailed it. For those you have closer relations with you can add your own text and even music. Click on the preview button to see what it will look like when it is delivered, pretty special eh?

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