Looking Forward

Steve Jobs is well known for his breakthroughs in the world of technology however that isn't all that he did. When it comes to striving forward in the world of business and making opportunities for ourselves he also had a world of wisdom that he chose to share. We love this quote because it shows that you can easily move forward as long as you trust yourself and your own instincts. Business ecards like this can be perfect for someone that needs to be reminded that their own instincts can be trusted and that there is nothing wrong with starting something new. We love this scene because it gives the impression of dots, which matches up with the quote perfectly. The sentiment of this quote is important and the picture is a great match to this. The blue sky gives an idea of something positive and fresh and we chose to put the text here so that it is clear and concise because it is the most important part of the greeting ecard scene.  We also have a range of other ecards available from our Christmas ecards for business so don't forget to have a look at all of our ecards to see if something suits you if this isn't quite what you're looking for.

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