Managers Bonus

eCO2 Greetings are proud to famously supply the worlds greenest electronic Christmas cards for business but we also supply great simple ecards for everyday business needs. These quirky ecards for business are ideal for a variety of different occasions. Do you have a boss that you and your colleagues don’t like? Perhaps you are the boss and have a great relationship with your employees. Either way, this could put a smile on someone’s face. The card has a pink background and shows people inside a meeting room. The front of the ecards read, ‘I want you all to know that because of your hard work this year I got a bigger bonus’. It’s sure to spread a laugh around the office and potentially lighten the mood during stressful times.

Business ecards can be invaluable in the work place at certain times of year. If you’re looking for something to thank your clients and colleagues for their hard work, this is the perfect card. Additionally, it will save you much time and effort and minimizes costs so it’s a fantastic way of doing things from every aspect. You can add your own message to the card and choose from different preferences. There are lots of styles to choose from, so have a browse through the section before making your choice. So, the only thing that remains to tell you is that come the holiday season later in the year please be sure to tell your colleagues that your business should be sending out holiday ecards for business.

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