Marooned Christmas

One of our more interactive ecard designs, ‘Marooned Christmas’ is another of our designs that challenges the idea of Christmas being in the cold, dark winter. This is an eCO2 Greetings favourite in our extensive range of Christmas ecards for business.The most striking feature about this particular design lies in the fact that it places your personal message as the very focus of the ecard. In many other designs, the message is supplementary to the images around it. Yet, here, a wooden sign is in place for your message to be written on. The setting in which the sign is found is one of natural beauty: it’s a warm, tropical beach, with waves slowly washing onto the most perfect sandy beach. The sign itself has a playful Santa hat perched on it. Optional further pages provide you with the opportunity to extend your Christmas greetings, as well as adding contact details, logos and team signatures. This is one of favourite Christmas themes here at eCO2 Greetings. It’s a playful, fun approach to wishing festive cheer, but that is not to say we don’t have other, more traditional designs. Search our vast range of e Christmas cards for business and discover many more of our fantastic festive designs. 


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