Meeting Humour Red

These corporate ecards are ideal for when you have something in mind that you just can’t find. The ecard has a Red background and the picture on it shows people having an office meeting. It could be for a colleague’s birthday or perhaps you want to send out cards to everyone in the office to improve the mood and motivate people to work. You can add your own caption to the front that will get everyone laughing together and back in league to complete the day’s tasks. It’s so easy to create ecards and personalise it to the person or situation.

The business ecards allow you to add your own caption on the front, your own message inside and various other preferences like your signature and logo. There are so many different things you could do with this card so have a go and see how big you can get people to smile. The added advantage of sending ecards is that they’ll receive it right away; no waiting for the postman. So, whether it’s for an occasion or just a bit of a laugh, this card will never fail!  We would love to help your reduce your carbon footprint this coming holiday season with our worlds greenest corporate holiday ecards as we plant 10 trees with each of them.

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