Meeting Speed

You will probably know eCO2 Greetings as the supplier of the worlds greenest electronic Christmas cards for business, but here is a great example of an ecard we also supply. There’s nothing better than receiving funny ecards for business and this one can be used for a variety of occasions. Is your business colleague having a bad day? Is it someone’s birthday in the office? Take a look at this well designed card that pokes fun of having to go to work meetings. The ecard shows a number of people sat in a meeting and reads, ‘Studies have shown that meetings go by 75% faster when people shut the hell up.’ It’s an ecard that could put a smile on anyone’s face and perhaps, make the working day go a little bit quicker.

You may have just been in a meeting where you and your colleagues agreed it was unnecessarily long. Send these ecards to each of them and the work rate is bound to increase- happy workers equals increased sales. Whatever your purpose for sending the card, this ecard will reach your recipients without any hassle and you can even add your own personalised message to each of them. There are so many themes to choose from on the website so remember, at some point today you have to stop sending and begin working! Did you notice that we plant 10 trees with each of our Christmas themed business holiday ecards.

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