Merry Xmas

Often the most popular ecards are those that paint pictures with words alone. In this particular case, eCO2 Greetings ‘Merry Xmas’ business Christmas ecards captures the age-old expression we wish each other every year during the holiday season, and does so in a fun, inviting way. Saying something boldly is sometimes the only way to say it. This design incorporates 3D text to place the word ‘Merry’ on top of ‘Christmas’, creating a playful, festive image. The colour scheme used here is that of different shades of blue, used to full effect to give a real sense of the chill we find around Christmas time. The text itself is subject to smatterings of frost and snow, as it piles up around the top of the words and accumulates at their base. Reflections of the words can also be seen on the ground, further adding to that wintery feel. The ecard also includes falling snow and a message of your choice at the bottom of the design. In addition, a second, third and fourth page can be used for corporate branding, contact details and messages. If it’s bold, playful business ecards you’re looking for, this one is just right and we are the right Christmas ecards for business. If, however, you’d like to look further, our enormous portfolio will be sure to include that perfect ecard. 


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