Modern Xmas

The Modern Xmas ecards design is everything its name implies it to be, the design is simple and uses a traditional Christmas icon in the Christmas tree in a new modern and trendy way. The main focal point of this e Christmas cards for business  is the Christmas tree at the far right of the ecard. The beautifully lit tree offers a stunning contrast to the pitch black background. The shinning neon colours sparkle brilliantly and the mix of: blue, red, green and golden lights create a vibrant image. Further undecorated Christmas trees surround the mid-ground and background of the ecard and these Christmas trees are formed by what appears to be spirals of shining golden ribbons, which gives this design its titular modern name. It also creates a magical festive vibe that makes this design look almost other worldly. This beautiful design can also be made even more stunning and magical by adding a shining gleaming light animation to the lit Christmas tree. These twinkling lights add a little extra magic effect to this Christmas greetings ecard and would make it a brilliant ecard design for friends and family. The modern design could also make it a good choice for Christmas ecards for business

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