Mountain Chance

Is there anything more peaceful and serene than the view of snow covered mountain tops? It could be the fact that you know it is going to be quiet up there or perhaps the fact that most of the ground you can see is untouched, whatever it is there is something about a scene like this that makes you feel instantly relaxed. When we were choosing designs for our range of business ecards we knew that something like this could not be ignored and that we would have to include a mountain top scene like this. However, we also designed that as beautiful as they are, they were not enough and so we wanted some wording to go with them. We chose this quote by Chris Grosser because it is empowering and can be used to send a greeting ecard for so many reasons. We know that often when you want to send an ecard to tell someone you are thinking of them, the standard greetings on offer are often not enough so we decided to think outside of the box and choose something else which we what we did here. The peaceful scene and the powerful words work well together to create these fantastic business ecards. Don't worry though we offer so much more than just this ecard so if this doesn't quite capture what you need them keep looking. We have lots of similar designs to this in our holiday ecards for business portfolio which we specialize in.

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