Mulled Christmas

What goes through your mind when you are drinking a glass of mulled wine at Christmas time?

Does the warm wine with its soothing aromatic spices cause you to relax and contemplate things that have happened to you in the year that is nearing its end? 

The dictionary tells us the word mull means heating wine with spices. 

However, it also tells us that to “mull” means to ponder, contemplate, or to think things over.

Therefore, it is little wonder that when you are enjoying your warm glass of wine, you feel mellow and begin to mull things over in your mind.

You begin to think about those absent friends you would like to have to enjoy a glass of mulled wine with you.

Well by sending those absent friends our “Mulled Wine” ecard, you can let them know you are thinking of them and raising a glass to them.

With its picture of a glass of mulled wine with steam gently rising from it and the Christmas tree lights glowing in the background, it conjures up the mood you wish to convey to your friends and colleagues.

There are three additional pages for you to write an extended message, your company’s logo, web links, and telephone numbers.

The “Mulled Wine” card is just one of our selection of Christmas ecards for business.

The benefit of sending an e Christmas cards for business, apart from the money and time you will be saving on paper cards, envelopes and stamps, is people appreciate seeing a cheerful Christmas message pop up in their inbox and will take the time to read it.

We live in a digital age and people enjoy receiving digital messages, especially at Christmas.

Oh! There is one other benefit of sending e Christmas cards for business

For every ecard we sell we plant ten new trees, so by sending an ecard you will be making your friends happy and helping the planet.

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