New Year Ball

Well, another year is ending, and you feel you should acknowledge this with all of your business friends. 

Our “New Year Ball” is one of our corporate ecards, and is just the card you need to send out to all those people you want to wish all the best for the coming year.

The illustration on the front page shows a picture of golden glass decoration ball being smothered by the numbers 2 16, the ball making the 0 of 2016.

 You could send this card as New Year greeting or an invitation to a New Year ball. There is space on this page for you to write the appropriate message.

Three optional pages allow you the opportunity to add further messages and news of your company’s plans. You are also able to add your company logo, website links, and other information you feel your customers or associates should know.

One of the things you should let your business community know is how you support the ecology.

You can do this by using one of the optional three pages. On this page, you can promote your eco credentials by letting people know that for every one of our corporate ecards sold, we plant ten new trees. 

Corporate holiday ecards are an easy and uncomplicated way to send out New Year’s wishes or invitations to a New Year’s Ball.

There is none of the inconvenience of addressing and posting paper cards. 

In this digital age, people expect to receive their cards and invitations via e-mail.

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