Oh Yes You Can

There is no such thing as can't and we wanted to design an ecard that showed this. If you know someone that is struggling a little or they're stuck making a hard decision and they're not sure what to do, why not send them little business ecards to give them a boost and let them know you are thinking of them. In this situation an ecard full of hearts and flowers just might not cut it, so you need something a little different. We chose this design because it is simple and plain but bold enough to get the point across. This message is conveyed without the need for complicated designs and long paragraphs of text and that is something that we're really pleased with. As the wording is so strong and gets you thinking we felt that a bold and bright background could ruin this so instead we went for the complete opposite - a crisp, white finish which helps the pale white and grey 3D text stand out and make it look like it is jumping out from the page. Here at Eco 2 Greetings we have a number of different designs when it comes to greeting ecards so make sure you have a browse of everything we have on offer. Eco2 Greetings has a number of different ecards especially corporate holiday ecards for you to choose from for the holiday season too, so please do get in touch.

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